About Automation Anywhere Training

Robotics Automation is one among such innovations which have made a huge impact on the present business processes, medical and in many other respective areas.

Why Is The Demand For Robotics Automation Anywhere Tool?

● It supports different integration services which are having different workflow modules. This factor depicts the extent of its high reusability levels.

● Offering citric environment automation and desktop are one among major automation benefits of this tool.
● Automation Anywhere architecture provides the scope for unbelievable evolutionary features.
● Its speed of implementation of automation tasks is very high.
● Complete knowledge of all the in-depth concepts of Automation Anywhere and its varied applications.
● Leverage skills in relation to data manipulation within the automation workflow.
● Leverage skills regarding the Automation Anywhere working infrastructure.
● Hands on experience in debugging issues.
● Our institute will be the perfect choice to help the aspirants leverage complete automation industry skills in working on the Automation anywhere tool.

Who should take this course?

Anyone with basic programming knowledge can take up this course.

● Fresher graduates
● Working professionals
● Business intelligence professionals
● Digital Marketing professionals


All fresher engineers and professional who want to start career in Robotic Process Automation can take up this course.

Automation Anywhere Training Course Duration

● Normal Track 15 Working days, daily Two Hours
● Week Ends Track 10 Working days, daily Three hours

Automation Anywhere Training Course Overview

Introduction To Automation Anywhere

● Introduction to Automation Anywhere
● Automation Anywhere Architecture
● Automation Anywhere Dashboard

Automation Anywhere Control Room

● Deploy Project
● Add Clients
● Operations Room

Task Bots

● Recording Task
● Creating Task

Overview on Task Editor

● Features of Task Editor
● Different sections in AA

Commands Categories

Keystrokes / Mouse

● Insert Keystrokes
● Insert Mouse Click
● Insert Mouse Move
● Insert Mouse Scroll

Programs / Files / Windows

● Open program/File
● Files/Folders
● Window Actions
● Log To File
● Manage Windows Controls
● Object Cloning
● System

Conditions / Loops

● If/Loop
● Pause / Delays / Wait


● Web Recorder
● Launch Website
● Send Email
● Internet Connection
● SOAP Web Service
● REST Web Service

Tasks / Scripts

● Run Task
● Stop Task


Read from CSV/Text

● Excel
● Database
● XML o Interactive
● Prompt
● Message Box o Miscellaneous
● Clipboard
● Comment
● Play Sound
● Variable Operation
● String Operation


● Printers
● Services


● Error Handling
● Image Recognition
● Screen Capture


● App Integration
● Email Automation
● Terminal Emulator
● PDF Integration

Automation Anywhere New Features


Time: Full day

Training Type: Class Room/Virtual Training/On-site Training

Course Duration: 35 hours + 4 Days

Cost: Please Contact us to know the current Offers

Contact : 9884561188 / 7904845613

WhatApp : 9884561188 / 7904845613