EMC Avamar enables fast and efficient data backup and recovery across the networks and storage devices. It performs complete backup of the system in minimum time possible.  Avamar de-duplicates backup data across the virtual and physical servers, desktops, laptops and remote offices. It is increasingly known to have lowered the capital and operating expenses that include floor space, power and cooling expenditure.

Course Detail:

  • EMC Avamar architecture and components.
  • Administering Backup solutions using EMC Avamar.
  • Configure, monitor and maintain EMC Avamar backup solutions.
  • EMC Avamar solution and advantages.
  • Hosts and their roles, device types and devices.
  • Control data and administrative interfaces.
  • Integration of  modules with native application to support backup and recovery.
  • Backup and recovery process with modules.
  • Functionality of various modules.
  • Understanding the tasks involved in Monitoring and event logging.

Practical Sessions

  • Install EMC Avamar and client software Windows/UNIX platforms.
  •  Client-initiated and server – initiated backups
  • Customizing the backup environment, including:
  • Group, client, schedule and directive resources
  • Client save set and backup command attributes
  • Processes and data flow during backup and recovery operations
  • Configuration and management of backup devices
  • Management, backup and recovery of databases, including
  • Media database and client file indexes(CFI)
  • Configuration and management of the server and NMC
  • Notifications, reports, licenses, parallelism, user groups, authentication and firewalls