Environment Setup

Basic Syntax

    • Script Mode Programming
    • Python Identifiers
    • Reserved Words
    • Lines and Indentation
    • Multi-Line Statements
    • Quotation in Python
    • Comments in Python
    • Waiting for the User
    • Multiple Statements on a Single Line
    • Multiple Statement Groups as Suites
    • Command Line Arguments

Variable Types

    • Assigning Values to Variables
    • Multiple Assignment
    • Standard Data Types
    • Python Numbers
    • Python Strings

Special Type

  • Python Lists
  • Python Tuples
  • Python Dictionary


    • Types of Operator
    • Python Arithmetic Operators
    • Python Comparison Operators
    • Python Assignment Operators
    • Python Bitwise Operators
    • Python Logical Operators
    • Python Membership Operators
    • Python Identity Operators
    • Python Operators Precedence

Decision Making

  • Single Statement Suites


  • Loop Control Statements

Data Type Conversion


Files I/O Modules


Regular Exceptions

Use cases :

1. File Management (Create a file, delete a file, move a file)

2. Collect server performance data and write into file.

3. smtplib Module – Sending email (From pyton sending email with attachments)

4. String manipulation examples with regular expressions.

Advanced Use Case:

  1. Paramiko – SSH to remove servers(Collect performance data form client machine to remote servers)
  2. Data analytics with chat write into excel file.
  3. Create a sample web page using Flask.

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