Symantec Netbackup Training

Learn the most popular concepts of Symantec Netbackup through this Training course on Symantec Netbackup Training. It is an online Course which is easily accessible to all the participants anytime, anywhere and 24*7.

Those of you who are new to Symantec Netbackup Training, lets first understand what is it? In the following two sentences you will understand the gist of Symantec Netbackup Training.

If a client wants a Backup, he will send data across the network to a NetBackup server. Netbackup Server in turn, uses policy to select the correct type of storage media. During this restoring process, the administrator can browse for which files to recover. Thus the NetBackup server finds them and restores them to the client.

Virtual Data Protection is what we can say when we talk about Symantec Netbackup Training. There are various key benefits of the same. Let’s explore them one by one.

Symantec Netbackup Training key Benefits:

  • It simplifies Enterprise Data Protection.
  • It eliminates critical Infrastructure management.
  • Easily adjustable with many systems
  • Able to recover fast from any backup storage
  • Able to successfully manage extensive enterprise environment.
  • Requires limited Staff and Resources.

 Features of New Symantec Netbackup version:

  • Expanded support for cloud storage providers.
  • Enhanced cloud backup
  • Enhanced restore performance.
  • Availability of VMware vSphere web client
  • Availability of Microsoft SCVMM plug-ins.
  • Availability of Intelligent Policies for Hyper-V and SQL Server.
  • Audit Controls
  • FIPS Compliance.
  • Major Concepts you will learn in this Symantec Netbackup Training:
  • Introducing NetBackup
  • The NetBackup environment
  • NetBackup product architecture
  • Netbackup process flow
  • NetBackup options and agents
  • Netbackup Installation
  • Login details required
  • introduction of exchange server
  • History of exchange
  • Prerequisites of exchange server
  • Document presentation of exchange information
  • Information of exchange server
  • Prerequisites on installation exchange server
  • Installation process with errors
  • Showing failed installation steps for information
  • Trying to troubleshoot error

If you are thinking about IT Security seriously – you have to get to know about Symantec Netbacup.

This  Symantec Netbackup Training contains training materials explained from scratch. You will get step-by-step presentations of the installation process as well.

What are the requirements for Symantec Netbackup Training?

  • Students has to download Symantec Netbackup
  • Computer with Internet Connection to view the training materials of this Symantec Netbackup Training.
  • Passion and Determination to learn about Symantec Netbackup Training

What am I going to get from this Symantec Netbackup Training?

  • Many lectures on concepts, installation and practicals
  • Hours of content on Symantec Netbackup Training
  • Learn all the concepts from Scratch

What is the target audience for Symantec Netbackup Training?

  • Beginners who want to make their career in IT security.
  • Students and Professionals from IT domain
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Symantec Netbackup Training in detail.